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This gives information about your browser, mainly determined using JavaScript:

Right now JavaScript is disabled, so no information is available.

The Browser

These are your browser’s properties:

NB​: a browser detector/sniffer may err for some browsers because their userAgent strings may mimic those of other browsers. A sniffer may also wrongly identify some browsers because the sniffer is too simple: e.g., some Opera userAgent strings contain both ‘MSIE’ and ‘Opera’, so a sniffer will fail if it assumes that ‘MSIE’ always indicates Internet Explorer. For more about browser sniffing, see Resources Browser Sniffing.

NB​: for userAgent information, see Psychedelix,, or Zytrax.

PC Details

The following information about your PC may be deduced:

NB​: some browsers reveal a few more details, but without broad browser support there is no point in reporting them.

The Plugins

Your browser has these plugins:

None detected: it is possible that your browser no longer supports plugins, or it is possible that your browser hides plugins for privacy reasons.

NB​: JavaScript can’t be used to detect plugins with IE because Microsoft could not be bothered with complying with standards.)


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