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Minor Midget AAA 2006

About Us

We are the Mississauga Majors 2006 team for elite baseball players born in 1990.

A pitchThe Mississauga Majors Baseball Association (MMBA) runs youth baseball in east Mississauga: it has T-ball, rookie ball, and girls softball teams, as well as A (house league), AA (select), and AAA (rep) hardball teams.

For information about other MMBA teams, see the MMBA website.

The 2006 Season

We played 63 games in 2006: 21 regular games — against the Brampton Braves, Brampton Royals, Burlington Bulls/1, Burlington Bulls/2, Georgetown Eagles, Mississauga North Bengals, Mississauga North Tigers, and the Mississauga Southwest Twins — and 42 other games, including exhibition games, championship games, and tournament games against teams from across Ontario and the US.

Our Website

This team site offers:

  • News, upcoming events, and the season record (in the sidebar on this page).
  • Team information.
  • Sponsor information.
  • Game schedules and results, with links to maps.
  • Calendar of events, with links to maps.
  • Contacts: how to contact us.
  • Confidential Information not available to the public, such as player phone numbers, email addresses, and photos.

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