Mississauga Majors 2007 
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We played 72 games in 2007: 18 regular games against teams from Brampton, Burlington, Georgetown, and Mississauga; and 54 more games, including exhibition games, tournament games, and championship games against teams from across Ontario, Québec, and the United States.

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Brampton’s Century Red Brampton’s Dave Dash Burlington’s Nelson Park Georgetown’s Fairgrounds Mississauga Major’s Sue Starkey Mississauga North’s Q1 Mississauga Southwest’s Clarkson Park

Game Schedule 

T marks tournament games. For these games the Location column may name the tournament, not the diamond: if so, click the name for details.

X marks exhibition games.

Game     OpponentLocationResult
2006 Sep 30 Sat 10:00am T Pro-Teach team Connorvale Park Lose
    30 Sat 3:00pm T Etobicoke Connorvale Park Lose 1-5
  Oct 7 Sat 10:30am X Baseball Zone team Connorvale Park Win 6-1
    7 Sat 12:30pm X Baseball Zone team Connorvale Park Win 4-3
    21 Sat 11:00am X Pro-Teach team Martin Dobkin Win 6-1
    21 Sat 1:00pm X Pro-Teach team Martin Dobkin Win 4-3
  Nov 4 Sat   T Greenville Eagles Shoeless Joe Park Win 4-2
    4 Sat   T Berkley Academy Redsox Shoeless Joe Park Lose 0-15
    5 Sun   T Southern Thunder Shoeless Joe Park Lose 0-4
    5 Sun   T Blue Ridge Baseball Club Shoeless Joe Park Lose 3-13
2007 May 12 Sat 9:30am X York Pioneers Connorvale Park Lose
    12 Sat 4pm X Leaside Lightning Connorvale Park Lose 2-3
    13 Sun 1pm X Burlington Bulls Maple Park Lose 3-4
    18 Fri 6:00pm T Thornhill Reds Concord Regional Park #2 Win 7-6
    19 Sat 8:00am T Brantford Red Sox Vaughan Grove #2 Win 11-7
    19 Sat 1:30pm T Ajax Spartans Vaughan Grove #1 Lose 3-16
    19 Sat 8:00pm T Peterborough Tigers Vaughan Grove Win 1-0
    20 Sun 9:00am T Aurora Jays Vaughan Grove Lose 1-9
    22 Tue 7:30pm   Burlington Bulls 2 Nelson Park Lose 2-12
    23 Wed 7:30pm   Georgetown Eagles Sue Starkey Lose 0-5
    25 Fri 8:30pm T Newmarket Hawks Q1 Win 2-1
    26 Sat 11:15am T Mississauga North Tigers Team-B Rivergrove #1 Lose 2-6
    26 Sat 3:45pm T Cambridge Cubs Lisgar Tie 4-4
    26 Sat 7:15pm T Mississauga North Tigers Team-A Q1 Lose 3-4
    30 Wed 7:30pm   Brampton Royals - Senior Sue Starkey Lose 0-15
    31 Thu 7:30pm   Brampton Royals - Junior Century Red Lose 5-7
  Jun 6 Wed 7:30pm   Mississauga Southwest Twins Sue Starkey Win 7-6
    9 Sat 10:30am T Pickering Red Sox Ninth Line North Lose 3-12
    9 Sat 3:30pm T Kitchener A’s Ninth Line North Lose 2-9
    9 Sat 8:30pm T Brantford Red Sox Ninth Line North Lose 2-4
    14 Thu 7:30pm   Brampton Braves Dave Dash Win 16-5
    20 Wed 7:30pm   Burlington Bulls 1 Sue Starkey Lose 1-14
    28 Thu 7:30pm   Mississauga Majors - Red Sue Starkey Tie 5-5
    29 Fri 8:30pm T Mississauga North Bengals Ireland D Tie 7-7
    30 Sat 11:30am T East York Bulldogs Ireland D Win 4-2
    30 Sat 2:00pm T Burlington Bulls Ireland D Win 5-4
  Jul 1 Sun 9:00am T Guelph Royals Ireland Lose 3-6
    2 Mon 7:00pm   Mississauga North Bengals Sue Starkey Lose 7-12
    5 Thu 10:30am T Springdale Players Brooke II Lose 1-18
    5 Thu 7:30pm   Burlington Bulls 1 Nelson Park Not played
    6 Fri 8:00am T Central Sharks (OH) Brooke II Lose 1-8
    6 Fri 6:00pm T Somerset (PA) Brooke II Lose 8-9
    7 Sat 10:30am T J. L. Clevelanders Brooke I Lose 1-9
    7 Sat 3:30pm T Delaware Valley Arsenal Brooke I Lose 4-8
    8 Sun   T Ohio Lose 8-9
    11 Wed 7:30pm   Mississauga North Tigers Sue Starkey Lose 5-9
    12 Thu 7:30pm   Mississauga Southwest Twins Clarkson Park Not played
    15 Sun 7:30pm   Mississauga North Tigers Martin Dobkin Lose 0-10
    17 Tue 7:30pm   Brampton Royals - Senior Dave Dash Lose 0-10
    21 Sat 9:00am T Leaside Lightning Sue Starkey Tie 9-9
    21 Sat 2:00pm T Whitby Chiefs Sue Starkey Lose 4-6
    22 Sun 8:30am T Waterloo Tigers Sue Starkey Win 11-4
    22 Sun 1:30pm T Guelph Royals Martin Dobkin Lose 5-13
    23 Mon 7:30pm   Georgetown Eagles Fairgrounds 1 Lose 4-14
    26 Thu 7:30pm   Burlington Bulls 2 Sue Starkey Lose 4-7
    30 Mon 7:30pm   Mississauga North Bengals Q1 Win 13-3
  Aug 1 Wed 7:30pm   Mississauga Majors - Red Sue Starkey Win 5-2
    3 Fri 10:30am T Lou Gehrig Youth Baseball Outwater Park Win 6-2
    3 Fri 6:00pm T Stampede Baseball Club Outwater Park Win 10-1
    4 Sat 10:30am T Clarence Red Rockets North Park Middle School Lose 2-11
    4 Sat 3:30pm T Genesse Valley Velocity North Park Middle School Lose 9-15
    6 Mon 7:00pm   Brampton Royals - Junior Dave Dash Lose 4-10
    7 Tue 6:15pm   Brampton Braves Sue Starkey Lose 3-6
    10 Fri 6:00pm T St. Catharines’ Cobras Niagara Falls Oakes Park Lose 0-2
    11 Sat 10:00am T Pickering Red Sox Chippawa Diamond Lose 4-15
    11 Sat 3:00pm T Associés de Laval Niagara Falls Oakes Park Lose 3-5
    15 Wed 7:30pm X Mississauga North Tigers Meadowvale North Lose
    16 Thu 7:30pm T Brampton Royals - Junior Ninth Line North Lose 8-10
    18 Sat 9:00am T Mississauga Majors - Red Clarkson Park Win 6-2
    18 Sat 2:00pm T Brampton Royals - Junior Clarkson Park Lose 2-3
    24 Fri 6:00pm T Sarnia Braves Errol Russell Park Lose 0-2
    25 Sat 5:30pm T Thornhill Reds Blackwell Park and Courtright Park Win 5-4
    26 Sun 8:00am T Hamilton/Mahony Errol Russell Park Win 5-4
    26 Sun 11:00am T Brockville Errol Russell Park Lose 1-12

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Reg Games (20): 4131


All Games (74): 21474



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