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This page gives information on using our team site, printing pages on our site, going to other Majors sites, viewing documents, and browser compatibility issues.

Using Our Team Site 

Use the gray buttons on the left to go to pages within our team site:

  • News: page with news and upcoming events.
  • Team: page with team info and a list of our coaches and players.
  • Sponsors: page with sponsor info and a list of our sponsors.
  • Games: page with an introduction to the season, game schedules and results (with links to maps to the diamonds), a summary of the season record, and a list of the tournaments and championships (with links to reports providing details).
  • Calendar: page with a calendar of events, with links to maps where events take place. The calendar can be viewed in the form of either a calendar or a list.
  • Contacts: page with how to contact us.

Use the gray button at the top right to go to other pages:

  • Help: page with all team pages except for this one have a Help button at the top right which goes to this Help page.
  • Confidential Information: page with this Help page has a Confidential button at the top right which goes to a password protected page with information not available to the public, e.g. phone numbers, email addresses, and photos.

Printing Pages On Our Site 

The page masthead and menus are not needed on printouts, so they are not printed.

Color inks are costly, so text is printed in black on white.

The calendar page is easier to read when printed in landscape mode.

Going to Other Majors Sites 

Use the red tabs in the page banner to go to other Majors’ sites; point to a tab to see a list of places you can go to:

  • MMBA Home: this tab lets you go to key pages in the MMBA website.
  • AA Team Sites: this tab lets you go to any AA baseball team site. Note that not all teams have sites.
  • AAA Team Sites: this tab lets you go to any AAA baseball team site. Note that not all teams have sites.
  • Other: this tab lets you go to miscellaneous pages associated with this team site. For example, to get to a list of maps, point the cursor to the tab labelled “Other”, then click on “Maps” in the pull-down menu that appears.

Clicking on the logo that appears in the top left corner of each page will take you to a page introducing the team sites made by Charles A Upsdell. You can get to the same page by pointing to the red “Other” tab and clicking “Overview”

Viewing Documents 

Sometimes information is provided in documents instead of in web pages, for example as Word (DOC), Open Office (ODT), Adobe Reader (PDF), or Excel (XLS) files. Information is available on how to read various kinds of documents.

Browser Compatibility Issues 

Older versions of browsers have uncorrected security defects that put you at risk, so you should always make sure you have the latest version. For more information about this, see Browser News - Why Update?.

This team site works with all common browsers, but not with antique browsers like Netscape 4. This site works best with the most modern browsers.

JavaScript Note: JavaScript must be enabled for pages which contain information from the calendar, e.g. the Home (News) page, the Games page, the Calendar page, and any pages with reports about tournaments. This is because these pages are dynamic web pages which intelligently extract and report selected calendar events. For example, the Games page reports games only, ignoring other events, enables you to choose the type of game, and puts your game information in a tabular format.

JavaScript Note: JavaScript must also be enabled with Internet Explorer 6 and its progenitors for drop-down and fly-out menus to appear. (A drop-down menu is a menu that appears below a tab when you point the cursor to a tab, e.g. to the “AAA Team Sites” tab in the page banner. A fly-out menu is a menu that appears to the right of the “Games” and “Calendar” menu items which appear in the menu bar on the left side of each page.)