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Minor Bantam AAA 2008

This is the website for the Mississauga Majors’ 2008 Minor Bantam AAA baseball team.

The Team

The 2008 season is over, so this site is no longer being updated, but visitors can still browse the site to learn about the team and its accomplishments. Visitors can also check out the sites of other Majors teams. Note : because this site is no longer being updated, links to external sites will break if these other sites disappear or reörganize.

Many players moved on to the 2009 Major Bantam team after the end of the season. Visit the 2009 Major Bantam AAA site to learn more about them.

This season was extremely successful. We won 100% of our regular games, 80% of all our games. We also won 1st place in 3 of the tournaments we played in.

About Us

We were the Mississauga Majors team for elite baseball players born in 1994.

The Mississauga Majors Baseball Association (MMBA) runs youth baseball in east Mississauga: it has T-ball, rookie ball, and girls softball teams, as well as A (house league), AA (select), and AAA (rep) hardball teams.

For information about other MMBA teams, see the MMBA website.

The 2008 Season

We played 49 games in 2008: 21 regular games against teams from Brampton, Burlington, Mississauga, and Oakville; and 28 more games, including exhibition games, championship games, and tournament games against teams from across Ontario, Québec, and the US. We should have played more games, but the season was very wet, with many cancelled games.

We won all our regular games, and 2 of our 5 tournaments.

Our Website

This team site offers information about our team:

  • News and upcoming events (in the sidebar on this page).
  • Team information.
  • Sponsor information.
  • Photos: a small photo gallery which appears if JavaScript is enabled.
  • Confidential Information not available to the public, such as player phone numbers, email addresses, and photos.
  • Contacts: how to contact us.

This team site also offers information about our schedule:

  • Calendar of events, with links to maps.
  • Game schedules and results, with links to maps.
  • Tournaments schedules, with links to pages with tournament details.

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