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This presents a message for sponsors, and provides a link to a sponsorship form.

A Message for Sponsors 

Dear Team Sponsors:

John McIlroy We are always on the lookout for community-minded people and organizations willing to help young boys develop their baseball skills, learn about sportsmanship, and nurture their capacity for teamwork. All of our sponsors would be very proud of the fine boys who make up the Mississauga Majors Tyke AA Red team.

If you would like to help us financially, please give me a call. Your generous contributions will be used to attend tournaments, buy equipment, give our boys high level instruction, and help us meet our general expenses (new balls, specialized gloves, etc.).

We will get much needed funds; but you will get the satisfaction of helping out the boys in your community. Plus we display your name on a large banner we hang at all our games. And you also get a stylish picture/plaque to hang proudly on your wall.

Be a regular sponsor and watch our team grow and prosper year after year. If you want to invest in the boys in your community, just give me a call (John at 905-279-8030) and I can tell you more about our team ... and how you can help.

John McIlroy
John McIlroy,
Head Coach

Sponsorship Form 

A Mississauga Majors Sponsorship Form {PDF file} is available.