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Tyke 2008 : Red Team  MississaugaMajors

The Team

This lists the coaches and players, and presents a message from the coach.

Coaches and Players 

The coaches and players in 2008 were:


John McIlroy#00  John McIlroy, Head Coach

Pat Gill#00  Pat Gill, Assistant Coach

Tony Pereira#00  Tony Pereira, Assistant Coach

Jeff Evans#00  Jeff Evans, Assistant Coach


  • #01  Danny
  • #02  Matthew
  • #08  Dryden
  • #10  Josh
  • #11  Max
  • #14  Krystian
  • #16  Sean
  • #19  Jason
  • #25  Isiah
  • #30  Michael
  • #45  Colton
  • #99  Hunter


A Message from The Coach 

Welcome to our web site. We are the Tyke AA (Red) team, playing Select baseball in the Mississauga Baseball Association. Our focus this year is skill development. We have been working hard on skill development since January and it is starting to pay off. The boys have looked very sharp this season; but there is still a lot of baseball ahead as we move into our tournament season.

I would personally like to thank the parents for all their commitment and sacrifice in getting the boys out to practices, games, and fundraising sessions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the coaching staff.

My belief is that we have the opportunity to be a very good baseball team this year, so we are going to continue to push the boys hard and maintain high expectations.

Our goals for the team are simple. Big skill improvement. Compete hard on every play in every game. Have fun as a team. Learn to love the game of baseball.

If your son is asking you by early December when “baseball starts” ... we will consider it a highly successful season. The wins and losses will take care of themselves.

John McIlroy
John McIlroy,
Head Coach