This page gives information about menus, printing, viewing documents, and browser issues for our team site.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, see the master help page, which gives information about all the Majors’ sites made by Chuck Upsdell.


Vertical Menu

Use the vertical menu bar on the left to go to pages within our team site. Pages are in two groups: pages about our team; and pages about our schedules. These pages are listed in the site map which appears on the right.

Horizontal Menu

Use the horizontal ruby coloured menu bar in the page banner to go to other Majors’ sites:

  • MMBA: this lets you go to key pages in the MMBA website.
  • AA Teams: this lets you go to any AA baseball team site for the current season. Not all teams have sites.
  • AAA Teams: this lets you go to any AAA baseball team site for the current season. Not all teams have sites.
  • Other: this lets you go to pages with information for all team sites. For example, to get to a list of maps, point the cursor to the tab labelled “Other”, then click on Maps in the pull-down menu that appears.

Clicking on the logo that appears in the top left corner of any page will take you to an overview of the Majors’ team sites made by Chuck Upsdell. Clicking on the Overview menu item under the “Other” menu item will go to the same page.


The page masthead and menus are not needed on printouts, so they are not printed.

Color inks are costly, so text is printed in black on white.

The calendar pages may be easier to read when printed in landscape mode.

If pages are not printed as you expect, see “Why don’t printed pages look like displayed pages?”.

Viewing Documents 

Sometimes information is provided in documents instead of in web pages, for example as Word (DOC) or Adobe Reader (PDF) files. To learn how to view such documents, see “How do I view documents which my PC cannot read?”.

Browser Issues 

Older versions of browsers have uncorrected security defects that put you at risk, so you should always make sure you have the latest version. For more information about this, see Browser News - Why Update?.

This team site works with all common browsers, but not with antique browsers like Netscape 4. This site works best with the most modern browsers.

JavaScript must be enabled for many pages to work properly. Information on how to enable JavaScript is available.

Cookies must be enabled for the page style to be remembered when you change pages. For more about this, see “How do I set the page style?”.