, this page has information extracted from several pages in the team site, repeated here for those who might prefer the information on a single page:

This page also has a section for coaches and managers which lists possible problems with the schedule:

Finally, this page also has information about season stats:

Note : sections marked above by an asterisk (‘*’) are deleted at the end of the season.



Upcoming Events

Game Schedule


This version of the calendar includes warning messages for any practices which are automatically skipped during tournaments: the standard calendar doesn’t list practices which are skipped.

Conflicts and Incongruities in Scheduled Events

This section, for coaches and the webmaster, warns about problems and possible problems in scheduled events. Issues are classified as  alerts ,  warnings , and  errors . Alerts should be noted, but seldom require action. Warnings often require action. Errors always require action.

For more information about this, see the FAQ titled “How can I check for possible problems in a team’s schedule?”.

Season Record 

Games: Wins - Losses - Ties

Season Stats

This reports: for each opponent, for both regular games and all games, the number of games won-lost-tied, plus the number of points earned and the total possible points, plus the average runs for and against. E.g. “2-0-1 5/6 4.0 1.67” means: 2 games won, zero lost, one tied; five out of six points earned; average of 4.0 runs-for per game; and 1.67 runs-against.

Note : the runs for and against averages don’t include games in which, for some reason, no actual scores were reported.